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We’re targeting digital solutions within financial services and adjacent industries seeking pre-seed to pre-series B funding.

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About your venture

  1. Solves a real customer problem

    You address an unsolved or emerging problem and your solution is uniquely positioned to address it.

  2. Be driven by strong founding teams

    You have a successful track record as an entrepreneur and deep knowledge of the problem space.

  3. Be commercially valuable on a standalone basis

    We look at solutions where the total addressable market is at least $500m, and expect an annualised revenue of $10m and pathway to cashflow breakeven over a period of 5 years.

  4. Could have significant value added to it via x15 and CBA

    x15 and CBA can provide unique capabilities to give you a competitive advantage.

x15ventures invests in three key focus areas

Home & Housing


New modalities in housing - beyond the rent vs purchase dichotomy

Home & Housing

Everyday Living


Beyond payments - creating value from linking consumers and merchants

Everyday Living

Small Business


Making it easier and more efficient to run a business

Small Business

Are you our next big venture?

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