We support innovators to create tech businesses.


x15ventures is a dynamic venture-building outfit, powered by CommBank and designed to bring to life the next generation of digital endeavours whose services directly connect to our core business.

By partnering with seasoned entrepreneurs, offering them support, guidance and critical access to our unmatched customer base and distribution networks, we’re not only empowering Australia’s most inspiring innovators, we’re reshaping banking as we know it.

Through x15ventures we will launch 25 enduring businesses by 2024.


Combining the best of ‘start-up’ & ‘enterprise’.

x15ventures is partnering with leading global businesses to deliver ongoing expertise and support for digital innovators.

Microsoft partners with x15ventures

Microsoft is a global technology leader, supporting digital transformation in all sectors, with the mission to empower every person and organisation on the planet to achieve more.


KPMG High Growth Ventures

KPMG High Growth Ventures brings the best of KPMG’s professional services with global reach, and deep expertise in accounting, tax and advisory services – packaged for startups, right sized, and timely.



SquarePeg empowers exceptional technology founders in Australia, Israel and Southeast Asia with a focus on Series A and Series B.



Zetta invests in AI-first companies with B2B business models. They invest $1-3MM in pre-traction, post data startups.



x15ventures will launch 25+ businesses by 2024.

With ongoing funding and support from CommBank, we hope some of these will become enduring, valuable and trusted new brands. Our ventures bring to life new digital solutions to help make people’s lives easier day to day, at moments that matter, and to reimagine the way they bank.


A digital tool to assist with purchasing residential property, Home-in takes property buyers from contract review to settlement, with step-by-step guidance along the way.

Home-in is designed to reduce the stress of buying property, by bringing together the services a property buyer needs in a simple and easy platform.


Vonto provides business owners a holistic view of their business numbers, by securely connecting all their digital tools in one place.

Designed to remove the noise and complexity from business data, Vonto gives users a curated daily feed of useful information they can act on – all at a glance and on the move.


Designed to help Australians navigate the complex credit landscape, Credit Savvy gives users free and instant access to their credit score and credit file information.

Credit Savvy also provides users with the tools to understand, leverage, and protect their credit reputation, to help them achieve greater financial wellbeing.


Backr offers a digital, task-based step-by-step guide on setting up a business, from ABN and ACN registrations, business plan formulation, invoice creation and much more.

Designed to help entrepreneurs and new businesses, Backr has been created to be used in the early stages of a business’ life.


Doshii simplifies the chaotic, ever-changing world of apps required to run modern venues, by seamlessly integrating them into existing operations.

With Doshii, every online order is sent directly to POS, saving literally hours of staff labour, and providing venue-owners with total oversight of their business, so they can make smarter decisions in real time.


Payble is designed to help businesses get paid by validating funds are available in a consumer’s account before a bill is due.

By offering instalment plans, bill smoothing or a payment extension for their customers, Payble is making late or failed payments a thing of the past.


We’re building a pipeline of ventures and early-stage opportunities across four key areas, but we’re looking for more.

Home & housing:

Solutions focused on housing and rental affordability and access, managing and optimising a home, and transforming the way homes are bought and sold.

Modern living, learning & earning:

Life is accelerating. Digitisation of the economy drives tremendous opportunities, but brings new challenges to employment, financial wellbeing, access and inclusion. We’re interested in solutions that tackle everyday hassle, and transform key moments that matter in our lives.

Digital & data enabled business:

We’re looking for ways to make it easier to own and manage a business. Business models are transforming in the digital and data economy – we’re here to make sure those tools and opportunities work for small business, enterprise and Government.

Platforms to exchange, record & verify:

There are lots of problems still to solve in a digitising economy, and in getting ahead of shifts in our economic, social and environmental landscape. We’re looking for the next platforms and marketplaces that change the way we consume, share and create goods, services and information.


Our ventures benefit from access to the strategic assets of Australia’s leading bank.

Connectivity. Access to CommBank’s 15 million customers. CommBank has globally recognised digital platforms for its consumers and businesses that these new businesses can leverage to reach the right customers – in a safe, permissioned way.

Backing. Backing from one of the most recognised brands in Australia. This includes equity capital from seed through to scale, as well as payments capability and balance sheet funding.

Expertise. Expertise in building technology suitable for financial services regulation; trusted advice from our global partners; globally-recognised blockchain and AI specialist capabilities.


We know what it takes to build strong, enduring digital businesses.

We’re solving the complex problem of how to build ventures with strategic, operational and tech agility, but the robustness required to unlock enterprise reach. This takes a diverse team with different backgrounds. We’re curious, we roll up our sleeves, and we know that most problems are solved with a good dose of grit and humour.

Our collective experience means we understand the start-up journey, the challenges enterprises face to innovate and partner, and the experiences our customers expect and deserve.

Supun King-Jayawardana

Supun King-Jayawardana
Head of Strategy & Operations

Supun leads the team that provides a range of strategic and operational services to ventures, including venture structuring and core support services such as procurement, delivery, finance and marketing. He formerly led the CommBank Innovation Lab in London, where he developed a centre of excellence in regtech.

Yish Koh

Yish Koh
Head of Portfolio

Yish oversees the pipeline of ventures focused within our core investment areas of; Home & Housing, Modern Living and Small business. Yish is responsible for sourcing new opportunities and making innovations happen –through build (POC to scale) or invest. Most recently, she led the delivery of CommBank Rewards, a digital platform which connects merchants and consumers with personalised cashback offers.

Janey Martino

Janey Martino
External Portfolio Advisor

Janey works closely with our portfolio team to provide insights and recommendations to x15’s investment committee regarding the funding of potential new ventures. She brings more than 20 years’ experience in entrepreneurial, growth and business management roles, and is a passionate supporter and participant in the Australian start-up and investment ecosystem. Janey has founded many of her own startups and businesses across media, marketing and digital sectors.

Kimbra Neilson

Kimbra Neilson
Head of Risk & Controls

Kimbra oversees the risk management strategy and profile, compliance obligations, and reporting, enabling ventures to operate within safe boundaries. She has been with CommBank for 3 years, and prior to that consulted on a broad variety of risk and compliance matters, including serving many start-up and growth companies.

Kelvin Lim

Kelvin Lim
Head of Technology

Kelvin leads the technology team that works closely with our ventures and partners to consult, build and deploy tactical and strategic solutions and services. He has previously worked at CommBank, and was responsible for the technical build and operations of CommSec and CommSee. More recently he has rejoined x15ventures, bringing experience from a wide range of companies, domestically and overseas, from fintech and edtech startups to some of Australia’s largest institutions.

Ben Heap

Ben Heap
Non-executive, independent Chairman

As our independent chairman, Ben works with the board and x15 management to keep focus on creating an environment to launch and scale ventures. Ben brings a wealth of financial services and fintech experience to his role, having held a number of senior roles at Australasian Wealth Investments; UBS Global Asset Management; the Financial Services Council; and as founder of H2 Ventures.

Toby Norton-Smith

Toby Norton-Smith
Managing Director

Toby oversees the portfolio of ventures in development and in market. He has been at CommBank for 5 years, pushing new innovations, partnerships and features in Digital, including the launch of new ventures like Beemit. Prior to CommBank, Toby led a Fintech business in the wealth management space.

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Have you got the next big venture? We want to hear from you.

As we assess potential ventures, we are guided by the following questions.

01. Does it address an unsolved or emerging need for consumers, businesses or Government.

02. Does it leverage current technology and business model tailwinds, to offer real solutions for the future?

03. How can we add value with our unique expertise from x15, CommBank and our partners?

Our process has four stages and it starts by submitting your concept through our online portal.


Submit your concept

  • What customer problem are you trying to solve?
  • What is the proposed solution?
  • What are the benefits for the customers?
  • What is the business model and the size of the addressable market?
  • What is the competitive landscape and how will you differentiate yourself from others?
  • How can x15 help beyond funding?
  • What is the team's background and experience?



x15 will provide feedback

The x15 team will review your concept against x15’s investment mandate and provide feedback on suitability and fit.

If there is an opportunity to progress this initiative together, you will be invited to present to the x15 Investment Committee.


Present to the Investment Committee

The x15 team will review your concept against x15’s investment mandate and provide feedback on suitability and fit.

If there is an opportunity to progress this initiative together, you will be invited to present to the x15 Investment Committee.


Funding Approval

If successful, funding will be approved and the x15 team will reach out to discuss next steps.

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